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        About Us

        Who We Are

        Our Core Values

        Here at Remesis, we are incredibly proud to showcase Australia’s world-renowned resources with our valued and respected global customers.

        Remesis Australia enjoys a strong global reputation as a trusted and respected

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        We are a reliable supplier of premium Australian Beef, Lamb & Mutton, Pork and other specialty agriculture products. Our primary beef range includes high-end products such as Wagyu and Olive fed Wagyu. We are dedicated to supplying our customers with the highest quality products, ensuring that we not only meet expectations but exceed them. We aim to add value to every business we connect with through a long-term partnership approach, which has been the key to our growth and success in all the markets that we involve ourselves in.

        We pride ourselves in:

        • Premium Meat Products
        • A Large Range of Fresh and Frozen Meat Produce
        • Halal Certified Meat
        • High-Level Customer Focus
        • Clear and consistent communications
        Wagyu Product

        OUR RANGE

        Our Wagyu Partners

        Jac Wagyu

        Jac Wagyu is a fourth-generation farming family located in the pristine pastures of the Bingara region in north-western New South Wales, otherwise known as beef-country. Their four properties are spread over 2500 hectares, all the way through the lush and fertile Gwydir Valley.


        Lewis Olive Fed Wagyu

        Australian Olive Fed Wagyu is the rarest and highest quality product available in the Wagyu Beef range. Remesis is proud to be the world’s largest exporter of Lewis. Each cut showcases top-quality marbling and texture that is unmatched by any other product.

        Our Products

        Our High-Quality Meat


        We proudly export the finest quality Australian beef to over 50 countries around the World. Our range includes high-quality products such as 100% Australian Beef, Angus, Wagyu and more. Our high standards ensure an efficient and reliable supply chain that delivers promptly in all of our international operations.

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        We supply premium Australian pork on a global scale. We make sure that our 100% grain-fed pork is always the highest quality product on the market. Every bite of our premium range showcases its incredible taste and texture.

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        Lamb & Mutton

        Our lamb and mutton are consistently high-quality products that are reliably sourced through careful selection. Our sheep are raised on pristine Australian pastures, fed with a healthy and natural diet. Our process ensures a high degree of flavour and tenderness.

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        We offer a wide range of poultry according to our high standard of quality. We’re proud to partner up with our clients to provide commodity poultry products such as free-range chicken, turkey and more, all at the most competitive price levels.

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        How to place an order
        Quality Assurance

        Quality Assurance

        Here at Remesis, we take pride in providing traceability, reliability and animal welfare throughout our entire supply chain. We proudly supply the finest quality meat products to ensure the success of our clients and partners.


        What We Offer

        We Work Closely With Australian Meat Suppliers And Logistic Companies To Provide Quality Meat Products To Our Customers With Ease

        Transportation & Distribution

        Expert Supply Chain Management

        Contract Volume Capabilities

        Strategic and Ethical Sourcing

        Explore More

        Supplying Consistent, High-Quality Australian Goods to the World

        Delivering 100% Premium Australian Meat

        Contact Us

        CONTACT US

        We Want To Hear From You

        For Quotes, Questions or Enquiries, Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us

        Email: [email protected]

        Stay Updated


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